"Without imagination, knowledge is useless."
- Albert Einstein

Thursday, March 17, 2011

homework, music on a Thursday night.

I feel like my life consists of homework piling up on my back.  It does not help that I am an AMAZING procrastinator. So, as a result of this nasty habit of waiting till the last moment possible, I am usually spending my late nights sitting in my bed writing various essays and studying for tests.  Tonight it's an essay, and guess what I am doing?  Writing in my blog. Such a good student.

Anyways I find it easier to have a particular music play list devoted to this type lively evening. 
Tonight is consists of:

Jar of Hearts--Christina Perry
Little Lion Man--Mumford & Sons
The Cave--Mumford & Sons
Forget You--Cee Lo Green
Dog Days Are Over--Florence + The Machine
Don't You Wanna Stay--Jason Aldean with Kelly Clarkson
Set Fire to the Rain--Adele
Rolling In the Deep--Adele

Wish me luck!


Kelsie said...

I am just seeing if my comments work.

Jena Kay said...

It's working!!