"Without imagination, knowledge is useless."
- Albert Einstein

Sunday, March 20, 2011

weekends fly by

This weekend has FLOWN by.  Saturday I had a girls day with my mom, sis, and sis in-law.  We all went to the mall and to a movie.  It was a calm relaxing day, but unfortunately it ended.  So here I am on a Sunday afternoon facing the reality that I have school tomorrow and, you guessed it, I have homework to do.  It's like a never ending cycle.  I feel as though the twilight zone music should be playing in the background as I, once again, get out my lap-top and begin writing essay after essay.  I think about the wide variety of things I could be doing at this moment and sigh.  So to prove to myself that I am even more of a slacker than even I thought possible I decided to look at cute pictures on the internet, and found this one above.  I guess in my insanity brought on by the massive amount of work that I am putting off even more, I found this picture hilarious.  It made me think of the relaxing life that a house cat must have.  Its biggest concern is finding the next place to take a nap, not if the essay they are writing this second will be their very demise in any hope of one day graduating.  Yes, I am a bit melodramatic, but hey that's me.  The only way for me to finish my homework is to get off blogger and begin writing about literature during the latter part of the nineteenth century reflected the gilded age.  What an exciting and challenging thing to do on one's weekend.  Well I am off to do very that.  I hope the lack of an audience that reads think takes this opportunity to get off of the computer and do something with their Sunday because I unfortunately can't for a few hours.  I HEAR THE ICE CREAM TRUCK. GOTTA GO.


Kayla said...

Both Erica and Andrea have been experiencing the same fun with writing essays that you are blogging about:)