"Without imagination, knowledge is useless."
- Albert Einstein

Thursday, March 17, 2011 it goes.

It's official.  I have succumbed to writing ridiculously mediocre, but slightly interesting and lengthy blogs about yours truly.  My first order of business is to introduce myself.  The name is Kelsie, I am turning 20 in August, and I am in my 2nd year of college.  I am majoring in English Education.  I don't fit into the clique college mold who parties and gets wasted every weekend.  I go to college to learn.  Yes you can say it--NERD--and I accept the title proudly.  I do have a few outstanding friends, but family is more my passion.  I capital L-o-v-e my family.  My boyfriend, Grant, and I have been together going on three years in May, and he is awesome, we have a rather silly/goofy love and like Train sings "we are two birds of a feather, and the rest is just whatever."  Jesus Christ has a prominant role in my life, and that won't change.  So to conclude this ramble about myself, I have decided to be a follower and make a blog, obviously, to tell you about me, vent, and share with you my particular joys of life. Ready?-LETS GO-